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Security Solutions By Paul's Gates

Due to the ever growing demand for security, our services have expanded over the years from a simple gate and garage automation, to sophisticated access control solutions.

Pauls Gates offer turnkey security solutions tailored to your requirements, which are assessed by one of our highly skilled consultants. Once the assessment is completed on site, we will prepare a quotation which will be sent to you for your approval.

Securing homes & businesses with integrated, multi-layered systems for nearly 40 years Paul's Gates offers integrated, turnkey security and surveillance systems that dovetail high-tech access control equipment, including biometric solutions, intercoms and surveillance cameras, with mechanical barriers, such as gate automation, electric fencing and alarms, to provide multiple layers of security for residential and business sites.

Paul's Gates is a family-founded and -led business that has retained the hallmark of excellence since 1978

“Paul's Gates goes way beyond installing standalone barriers against crime,” says managing member Graham Salvado. “We design, implement and service long-term and interactive solutions that provide customers with access control management platforms that can be expanded with ease over time.

Since 1978: A foundation of family values

When it was founded in 1978 by Graham's parents, Paul and Patsy, Paul's Gates soon became known for its excellent workmanship in custom-designed wrought iron gates, burglar bars, balustrades and gate automation. Its steelwork range remains a hallmark of the business today.

As far as Paul's Gates is concerned, “There is no substitute for quality.” Paul and Patsy are still involved in the business. Graham joined Paul's Gates in 1993. His wife, Megan, is the financial director. It is their family values and personal commitment that drive the management of the company.

Products & services available across Africa:

The company's head office and manufacturing facility are in Kya Sands Industrial Park, Johannesburg. Its teams install and service its products and systems throughout South Africa and across Africa. A 24- hour emergency service is available in South Africa.In addition to innovating its own range to meet customers' individual requirements, Paul's Gates has partnered with high-end brands such as Centurion Systems' gate automation and access control, Comb Communications' Mircell GSM intercoms, Stafix electric fencing, Spectrum's Paradox alarms and Jablotron alarms

Biometric access control & time and attendance integration:

Fingerprinting of every individual who is authorised to enter a property is the basis of a computerised biometric access control system. A host of other personal identification data is recorded in the database, including copies of identity documents and photographs. No-one gets in without his or her fingerprints and identifying information having been verified by the system first.

Intercom systems

Commercial applications:

Mircell GSM intercoms provide secure access via an internet-operated platform that facilitates the management of contact phone numbers, pin codes and remote controls.

Residential applications:

Residential GSM intercoms provide secure access via a sim cardoperated platform that facilitates the management of contract phone numbers and access control via sms. Both of these GSM systems eliminate the use of underground cabling between the intercom gate station and the home or business, thus reducing the risk of cabling and equipment being damaged by lightening and wear and tear. Both analogue and digital wired intercoms are available.

CCTV surveillance cameras & alarms:

Analogue, digital, IP, facial and number plate recognition cameras and digital video recorders are available. Alarm systems include wireless indoor and outdoor sensors, pet friendly passives, wireless keypads, GSM notification and IP integrations.

Electric fencing:

Paul's Gates supplies and services new installations and conducts upgrades and maintenance of existing electric fencing for residential and commercial applications. Technicians are trained and qualified to issue the government regulatory Certificate of Compliance (COC) for electric fences.

Training & after-sales service:

Employees are empowered to deliver service excellence through daily information-sharing team meetings, coupled with regular training both in-house and at the premises of Paul's Gates' agents to ensure that they are kept abreast of the products' features and industry technology. A fully autonomous Service department is available for after-sales service. 24-hour-service contracts (SLAs) are available.

Other fencing:

The range of fencing includes steel palisade.

Gate manufacture & automation:

Paul's Gates designs, manufactures, installs, automates and services sliding and swing gates, and booms and garage doors. Automations have features such as:

• On-board receivers that store the codes of individual remote controls, ensuring that the details of each member of the group are recorded and administered easily.

• Auxiliary gate alarms that are triggered if the gate stays open longer than it is programmed to.