Discipline and Security in workplaces is an essential part of running your organization smoothly. Ensuring office security through biometric access control, monitor attendance, and manage schedules or registers of your workers are part of good governance. Many organizations have these functions but not in an integrated way.

Paul’s Gates Time Management and Scheduling System is a complete workforce management solution. It records entry and exit of employees using Biometric Devices (Fingerprint Readers) automatically calculates overtime, create and distribute schedules for companies that operate 24-hour shifts.

The system aims to eradicate common problems such as;

Security of your premises through unauthorized entry and exit Manual recording of entry and exit which is inefficient, time consuming. Overtime calculation which takes time and manual input, Create Schedule for organization running 24 hour operation, Human errors and fraudulent activities Difficult to keep information organized and produce reports

Fingerprinting of every individual who is authorised to enter a property is the basis of a computerised biometric access control system. A host of other personal identification data is recorded in the database, including copies of identity documents and photographs. No-one gets in without his or her fingerprints and identifying information having been verified by the system first. This solution has the option to be integrated with time and attendance logging and tailored time-barring.

Biometric systems log all transactions and are able to restrict access to the property as a whole and/or to certain zones within the property.

Access control devices available from Paul’s Gates include:

  • biometric and proximity readers
  • remote controls
  • keypads
  • turnstiles and booms.

Contact our team for a call out to find the best option for your estate, office, business and home. We will offer the best solution to give you a safer lifestyle.