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Sadly, burglaries occur. By installing an alarm system you're reducing the possibility of becoming a target of crime. Our burglar alarm systems are not only reliable when called on but act as a great deterrent. Your safety is important to us, so we have put together a range of alarm systems that can suit your pocket.

Our Alarm Systems Include:

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  • Wireless Indoor and Outdoor Sensors
  • Pet-friendly Passives
  • Wireless Keypads
  • GSM notification
  • IP integrations.

CCTV surveillance cameras can be integrated with alarm systems and linked to any smart mobile device, enabling users to view their properties remotely. Alarm systems enable users to log into an application on their mobile phones or laptops to administer the status of the equipment and notify users of zone-specific alarm activations, arming and disarming and power failures.

Benefits of installing home security systems:

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  • Protects Valuables: The alarm alone is enough to deter an intruder. However, once the alarm has sounded, the police are immediately notified and dispatched so your home is kept safe at all costs.
  • Home Automation Convenience: Saving energy isn't the only advantage of home automation. You can change the lighting, temperature, music, TV, and control numerous other aspects of your home from a device as simple as your smart phone