Balustrades serve a practical purpose and are an important safety barrier along edges of stairways, balconies, patios and pools. It is an integral part of your home’s design from an architectural point of view, often forming a focal point from a living space, in the case of a stairway, or from the outdoors, in the case of a pool, patio or balcony.

When choosing balustrades, it is important to consider what kind of balustrade will best suit the style of your home or office, enhance its design and complement its architecture. However, balustrades are not only a design feature as it must comply with safety regulations.

Pauls Gates is able to provide a range of balustrade systems that will suit your desired design requirements. We design, manufacture and install balustrade systems according to your specifications and requirements. Our aim is to provide a reliable, efficient and a tailor made service to our clients and a quality durable product.

We pride ourselves with our unique metal balustrades and hand crafted metal handrail designs. Our balustrades are custom designed and manufactured to suite individual requirements.

With over 40 years’ experience in the manufacturing of custom metal balustrades, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best tips, advice and service. We are passionate in providing the finest unique designs and quality workmanship.

Will my steel balustrades require maintenance?

It is good practice to perform simple, routine cleaning on your steel balustrades. A simple solution of warm water and mild detergent will suffice. In general, whenever you clean your windows, it will be a good time to clean the balustrades too.

How high do my stainless steel balustrades need to be?

Where balustrades are used to protect a difference in level of more than 1 meter, internal or external, this balustrade must have a height of at least 1 meter. In the case of a balcony, edge, bridge, etc. the height is measured from the area where a person would most likely stand. If there is a parapet wall or similar construction, and this construction can act as a step, the balustrade height is measured from the top of this step.

Our balustrades provide the perfect finishing touch to a home, office or various other developments. In addition to balustrades, we also manufacture stylish metal handrails for standard and curved staircases. Call now for a custom design for your home.