Criminals are becoming bolder in how they access schools, businesses & homes and are targeting electric fences. Electric fencing is used to manage security and perimeter enclosure for commercial, industrial, manufacturing and agricultural sites. Electric fences increase the protection of your property by acting as a substantial deterrent to all but the most persistent of intruders, both human and animal.


  • Electric Fencing is very popular in agricultural areas. It is
  • Less expensive and faster to erect than conventional fencing
  • Animals are not restrained thereby risk of injury minimised
  • Notifications assigned to zone segments allow for ease of inspection

Wild Animals and Domestic Livestock:

  • Successful in controlling the movements of wild animals in close proximity to game resorts and private property within game reserves
  • Prevents domestic livestock from straying onto airport runways
  • Powerful deterrent to crop raiding


  • Non-Lethal electric fencing for perimeter security to deter potential intruders
  • In the event of fence tampering sensor barriers activate a security alarm system
  • Strong physical barrier and psychological deterrent to intruders

Paul’s Gates supplies, installs, services, upgrades and maintains existing electric fencing for residential and commercial applications. Technicians are trained and qualified to issue the government regulatory Certificate of Compliance (COC) for electric fences.

The energisers that are supplied with the fencing are capable of displaying the voltage of the fence to users on-site. An auxiliary GSM unit enables users to have access to the status of the fence remotely via the internet.

We also provide other forms of fencing which includes ClearVu and palisade fencing.

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