Garage Automation

Automated garage doors do not only make your life a lot easier and saves you time, but is also a lot more secure.

The installation of automatic garage doors is a precise and difficult job that should only be carried out by a team of professional installers such as Paul's Gates. A garage door, once installed, will be the largest door in your home, and merely manipulating it into the correct position is not only difficult, but can also be very dangerous.

The installation is not a job that can easily or safely be carried out by the average DIY enthusiast, even if he considers himself an expert. An automated garage door, because of the need for the motor to be so precisely aligned, requires much more accurate work in order to ensure the correct working of the finished product and a set or two of helping hands due to the heavy load.

Our garage door automation service includes servicing of the garage door, a top-of-the-range garage door opener, batteries and installation, as well as the  remote controls. We can also supply additional remotes for your garage automation if required.

Our Automatic garage door features include:

  • Electronic anti-crush setting for safer operation.
  • Soft start and stop feature for smoother operation.
  • Precise stop/start positions controlled electronically.
  • Low battery warning indication.
  • Auto close feature.
  • Battery back-up in the event of a power failure.
  • From Installation to Servicing

Did you know that your garage door needs to be serviced every year? Servicing your garage door prolongs the life of your door and motor. Having your garage door serviced by a trained technician from Planet Automation ensures that you eliminate any faults before they become issues. Planet Automation can assist you with lubricating, tightening and adjusting spring tension.

If you would like to be quoted on a garage door & motor installation, don’t hesitate to Contact Paul's Gates.